If you come to Foz do Iguaçu for a walk or even participate in any event, congress or fair, make time to enjoy the tours and tips that we will show you, be sure to stay with all the affection, comfort and convenience here in our Hotel.  Check out our facilities here.


It is essential to talk about Foz do iguaçu and not start with our most famous and main point, the Iguassu Falls and the whole national park. It is possible to visit both sides (BRAZIL and ARGENTINA), but we always suggest that you start from the Brazilian side, as it can give you a panoramic view of the falls and so admire the grandeur of the eighth (8th) wonder of the world. Check out the prices to the falls here.

After this visit, if you have the time, money, and disposition, we suggest you take the ARGENTINA FALLS SIDE tour, after seeing all its grandeur, nothing better than walking through its falls along well-structured trails and viewing its beauties from one another. angle. There are also other tours available within the parks such as MACUCO SAFARI (motorboat ride between the falls), bicycles and trails with expert guides and with additional costs. It is very worth! checking out, see more here


After witnessing this spectacle of nature is now the turn to know a masterpiece of human engineering, the ITAIPU HYDROELECTRIC PLANT, with the guided panoramic tour you can discover how it all began and stroll throughout the territory of the plant knowing each space and its peculiarities It is a very interesting and well oriented tour. The journey takes around 3 hours with some stops along the way. There are other options of visits and tours within the tourist complex of ITAIPU as ECO MUSEUM, BIOLOGICAL REFUGE that will always be a good option if you have more time and days to stay, otherwise be sure to visit and know this great work performed by many workers. who made their lives and helped build our city.

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03 – Three Borders Landmark

Visiting the landmark of the three borders is to understand how Foz do Iguaçu is part of the three most famous border in the world. A recently renovated place with a very important historical context and with a unique and exuberant view of the three borders (Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay), the sunset is a good choice. On site you can also learn more about the historical issues and enjoy good food and drink options at the restaurant and snack bars that are available at THREE BORDERS LANDMARK.

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For nature and animal lovers, this is an unmissable adventure. The BIRDS PARK has a variety of birds that will leave you speechless, with a unique infrastructure your walk becomes almost an exchange of experiences and emotions, it is possible to enter some nurseries and even caress some of the birds. This is an activity that attracts a lot of children and stimulates people’s relationship with this amazing world of birds and their customs.

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A building made strategically in a high region of the city of Foz, providing a view of part of the city and also of CIUDAD DEL ESTE (Paraguay). The site has more than 150 statues of various sizes, highlighting a BUDDHA over 7 meters high. For those on duty and interested in Buddhist culture this tour is perfect, the entrance fee is at the discretion of the visitor or the purchase of unique souvenirs related.

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